Martha’s Kitchen

St. MarthaFeast Day - July 29Patron of Cooks

St. Martha
Feast Day – July 29
Patron of Cooks

Martha’s Kitchen is a wonderful ministry here at Holy Name of Mary.  This ministry serves new mothers after birth or adoption, as well as individuals who have an illness or emergency.  Volunteers provide a dinner meal 3 days a week for a 2-week period.

If you feel called to help with this ministry or have a need to be a recipient, contact the parish office.

Dorothy Day said:  “If everyone were holy and handsome, it would be easy to see Christ in everyone.  But it was not Christ’s way for himself.  Ask honestly what you would do when a beggar asked at your house for food.  Would you give it on an old cracked plate, thinking that was good enough?  Do you think that Martha and Mary thought that the old and chipped dish was good enough for their guest?  It is not a duty to help Christ – it is a privilege.”

In what ways do you serve Christ?  Grudgingly or sparingly?  How can you serve them the way Martha served Christ:  putting her whole self into it?

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