Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

Dr. Janice LuthSocial Ministries Chairman

Dr. Janice Luth
Social Ministries Chairman

The Parish Advocacy Program resulted from the 1978 Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on People with Disabilities.  In this document, the Bishops recognized that “it is not merely enough to affirm the rights of people with disabilities.  The Church must become ‘an advocate for and with people with disabilities’ and ‘it must work to increase the public’s sensitivity toward (their) needs and support their rightful demand for justice.'”

Dr. Janice Luth, our parish advocate, acts on behalf of the people with disabilities to ensure that all are invited to share in the life of our parish.  Please feel free to discuss with her any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Many helpful articles and links can be found at the Diocesan Office for Persons with Disabilities.

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