PARISH FEAST DAY 2022 – FILIPINO FIESTA | Sunday, September 11, 2022

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2022 Parish Feast Day – Sunday, September 11 at 12:05 PM – 2 PM

Celebrating this year’s Feast Day with a Fil-Am Fiesta
We are also SEEKING A DJ With Equipment – if you, or someone you know could help, please contact Marlene Delledera via text at 434-655-7755

Gearing up for Parish Feast Day 2022!

Bahay Kubo Filipino Chat w/ Father Nixon! (in Fellowship Hall)

Take a trip into another country and learn about Filipino Language (Tagalog)  & Culture with your favorite Priest!

TONS of Games

  • Sand Art
  • Pabitin (goodies hung from a bamboo frame tied to rope that is lowered up & down while children try to grab goodies)
  • Pukpok Palayok (like pinata but with a clay pot) – for safety we will use traditional paper pinata
  • *Longest line – teams form longest line while touching item or body part picked by announcer while music plays. End of music, longest line wins
  • *Pass the Calamansi on a spoon – relay, drop the calamansi have to start over
  • *Sipa Toss (usually using feet but this version is like egg toss using a sipa or hacky sack)
  • *Dress me Relay
  • *Paper Dance – similar to musical chairs except when music stops, partners step on paper – last pair to or if unsuccessful they are eliminated then paper is cut smaller & music resumesGames with * can be parent/ child games

Corn Hole Tournament

Test your Corn Hole skills in this Parish Tournament! Get a team together, pick a name, and get ready to aim!

Tinikling Dance Performance

This performance is going to be an important part of our 2022 Parish Feast Day Fiesta & Celebrations!! Tinikling is a traditional Philippine/Filipino folk dance whose name refers to a bird that is known in the Philippines as Tikling. Mimicking the bird’s movements, this dance is characterized by the movements of one or more dancers between two bamboo poles while these are beaten in a certain rhythm against each other and onto the ground.

Our teens were amazing, right from attending practice on time, to watching the videos, setting up the practice area and finally to the actual dance rehearsals. We are also grateful to Mrs. Marlene Delledera who spent her morning and afternoon leading this practice. Thank you again for all your enthusiasm and support!!

If you or your teen has not yet signed up/ volunteered for our Feast Day celebrations, there is still time to do so. A sign-up table is set up in the commons. Sign up because there is something for everyone!!


HNM Volunteer Retreat | Discerning the Will of God | August 20, 2022

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Open to all Adult Volunteers (18 years old and older) – refreshments will be served!

Join us on August 20, 2022 at Holy Name of Mary in the Social Hall from 9am – 12pm

Volunteers are the hands and feet of Christ in today ’s world! If you volunteer in any way at our parish: this retreat is for you!!

Please join us to recharge your spiritual life!
May your cup overflow!

Led by motivational speaker and owner of Wings to Fly, Carrie McKeown, “Discerning the Will of God” will explore “In the School of the Holy Spirit” as understoodby Jacques Philippe.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices presented to you in your everyday life? Ministry opportunities, family functions, church events, work promotions, or extracurricular activities pull you in so many directions that your life loses its peace. The chaos of life can make us feel like we are in the midst of a hurricane, and we begin to lose focus on what is essential. Come away with the Lord for a while and feel renewed in your spirit’s depths; gaining wisdom and discernment on how to discern the gentle voice of God in your life.

Register through the link below, or find the sign up sheet in the commons to help us in planning. We hope to see you there!

To register and reserve your spot, please sign up now using this online form!