Promise and Fulfillment

December 24, 2017 |by N W | Comments Off on Promise and Fulfillment | Advent, Comfort, Father Salvador, Generosity, Hope, Strength, Thanksgiving, Trust

Fourth Sunday of Advent
December 24, 2017 – Year B
Readings: 2 Sm 7:1-5, 8B-12, 14A, 16 / Ps 89 / Rom 16:25-27 / Lk 1:26-38
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

Thirty-two years ago, when I was preparing for my ordination to the priesthood, my bishop in the Philippines assigned me to a church with a very wise pastor who was asked to mentor newly ordained priests. His name was Father Douglas. He was named by his parents after General Douglas MacArthur who, even today, remains quite popular in the Philippines. When MacArthur left the country during the Japanese occupation of World War II, he promised to return. He did indeed return, and liberated the more than seven thousand islands of the Philippines from the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army. That was certainly a promise well kept. (more…)


Anxiety Free

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Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 8, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Is 5:1-7 / Ps 80 / Phil 4:6-9 / Mt 21:33-43
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

Most of those who attended the mission at Resurrection parish were not aware that attending with them was a priest – Father Bob. He is a retired Air Force chaplain as well as a retired priest of the diocese of Erie.

If you are one of the few – as I was – who had the privilege of speaking with him, you would think that he is the person to speak with when you are experiencing trials and tribulations in this life. (more…)


Box of Chocolates

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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 20, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Is 56:1, 6-7 / Ps 67 / Rom 11:13-15, 29-32 / Mt 15:21-28
by Rev. Salvador Anonuevo, Pastor

A few years ago, Bishop DiLorenzo visited us here in Holy Name of Mary.  After celebrating Mass on this altar and preaching at this ambo, he was at McNally Hall to meet and greet all of us, the Christian family of Holy Name.  One of our Faith Formation children asked him, “How long do you think you will be our bishop?” (more…)


Lay Down Your Burden

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Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 9, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Zec 9:9-10 / Ps 145 / Rom 8:9, 11-13 / Mt 11:25-30
by Rev. Mr. Eddie Craig, Permanent Deacon

Some of you may have noticed that I was absent for a couple of weeks.  I got to go on a pretty cool trip, out to New Mexico to the Philmont Scout Ranch.  I went with a group of scouts, one of them being my son, and we got to spend a couple of weeks hiking, and backpacking, and camping on the trail.  In eleven days we hiked eighty-eight miles.  Most of our time was spent above eight thousand feet, and we topped out at over twelve thousand feet. (more…)


The Shepherd’s Life

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Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 7, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Acts 2:14A, 36-41 / Ps 23 / 1 Pt 2:20B-25 / Jn 10:1-10
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

In the priests’ retreat I attended last week, the resident spiritual director and confessor was a priest in his late 80s, whom everybody called Monsignor John.   Although he has been a priest for more than fifty-seven years, his zeal and enthusiasm for everything he is doing in his ministry is similar to that of a 25-year old, newly ordained priest.    (more…)


Our Journey Home

April 30, 2017 |by N W | Comments Off on Our Journey Home | Comfort, Easter, Eucharist, Faith, Father Salvador, Resurrection

Third Sunday of Easter
April 30, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Acts 2:14, 22-33 / Ps 16 / 1 Pt 1:17-21 / Lk 24:13-35
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

At some time in the past, many of us have experienced the feeling of arriving home with our hearts heavy and our heads down.  It could have been the time when our favorite sports team lost a championship game, or a loved one was diagnosed with a serious illness, or we were returning from a friend’s funeral.  Whatever the reason, we probably felt that only those who had been through the same type of sadness would be able to empathize with us.    (more…)


Put Your Hope in Jesus Now

April 2, 2017 |by N W | Comments Off on Put Your Hope in Jesus Now | Comfort, Eternal Life, Father Salvador, Hope, Lent, Resurrection, Trust

Fifth Sunday of Lent
April 2, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Ez 37:12-14 / Ps 130 / Rom 8:8-11 / Jn 11:1-45
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

A story is told of a devout old woman who, knowing she was about to die, asked her pastor to give her the last sacraments.  After being anointed, she said, “Soon I’ll be rocking in the bosom of Moses.”  (more…)


Mary’s Intercession Brings Miracles

March 19, 2017 |by HNMWebmaster | Comments Off on Mary’s Intercession Brings Miracles | Comfort, Faith, Father Salvador, Grace, Homilies, Hope, Love, Mary, St. John, Trust

3rd Sunday of Lent
March 19, 2017 – Year A

Readings: Ex 17:3-7 / Psalm 95 / Rom 5:1-2, 5-8 / Jn 4:5-42
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

The wonderful things that have been happening here in Holy Name of Mary Parish since Friday are all manifestations of the Blessed Mother’s love for us. For instance, although the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima was scheduled to leave yesterday at 5 pm, by some miraculous events she has remained here overnight in our sanctuary. This is now the second Mass we are celebrating in the presence of the miraculous pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima. (more…)


Live Worry Free

February 26, 2017 |by N W | Comments Off on Live Worry Free | Comfort, Courage, Father Salvador, Hope, Service, Strength, Trust

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 26, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Is 49:14-15 / Ps 62 / 1 Cor 4:1-5 / Mt 6:24-34
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

A story is told about two business executives who met for lunch, and Gene asked Ed, “How’s your health?”   

Ed replied, “I feel great!  My ulcers are gone; I feel really great!”    (more…)


Light in Darkness

January 22, 2017 |by N W | Comments Off on Light in Darkness | Comfort, Faith, Father Salvador, Hope, Light, St. Matthew, Strength

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 22, 2017 – Year A
Readings: Is 8:23-9:3 / Ps 27 / 1 Cor 1:10-13, 17 / Mt 4:12-23
by Rev. Salvador Añonuevo, Pastor

Today is once again the first day of the rest of our lives. Not only our life here on earth, but our lives that will never end.   (more…)